"I've been a bridge-burner for the most part...lost many great people that would have probably made awesome friends. Just one of the many "wrong decisions" that I've made in my life, I guess. On the up-side, being a lonewolf didn't make me a jackass - which social people tend to be.- C-Truth

"Being a loner by choice, I'm not even a little bit embarrassed about it. I wear it like a badge of honor. As if to say "all of you socialites need others to feel good about yourself and I don't". How can I worry about what someone else thinks of me if I'm never going to allow them to be that close to me anyhow? It's not to say I don't care about anyone else, it's just that I don't care what they think of me.- brian189

"I just want to say you guys are the rarest most unique individuals on the planet. I don't post much but read everyday. I can't believe how intelligent and introspective we loners are and you guys and gals are. We are the greatest underground entity on the planet. A consortium of rebels, outcast, writers, and misfits. Thanks to all of you for allowing me insight into your world because a dam sure don't let anyone in to mine. We are what the 99.9% of the world are afraid of. Individuals who have fought there own demons, faced or darkest nightmares and embraced their own fate as Loners. We are the Nation of Loners...- WHISPERED

"Not everyone who is on their own is depressed."- Antithesis

"According to this forum there is no pseudo loner or whatever they call it. There are two distinct types of individuals that are called LONERS. 1. The first type includes individuals that prefer solitude and are content to have very limited social interaction. 2. The second type includes individuals that are forced to be isolated because they are rejected by society. Both are Loners. The second type is plagued by loneliness and sometimes can be so outraged by social rejection. The first type are not lonely even when they are alone." - jamie

"Society perceives us somewhat negatively, you cant just go out there and discuss your thoughts from the loner's perspective with a regular person, they will not 'get it' and will have problems relating to you, which is understandable. Here everyone is in sort of in a similar boat so its fun to express ones views and see how other loner's relate to them." - Katrina

"Anti-social equal loner, loner no equal anti-social" - Yoda

"In the end the only person I can truly account for is myself." - supremz

"I pretty much live a secluded life right now. I go on vacations to be with family and friends. Today, being a holiday, I did not go out for any reason or talk to a single person. That's not really getting away, I guess. The place itself needs to be secluded. I do wonder if a seaside lighthouse somewhere can be rented. Need to look into that." - Outpost

"heyee all! jobs for the loner? well i trade the stock market, which means i gets to make money and spend all day in the company of myself!" - moosh

"Being alone isn't some horrible thing that happens only to unfortunate people - half this site are people who who feel comfortable being alone more than others do. I haven't really got any problems in life, nothing happened that forced me to be a loner; I've just found I usually prefer solitude to being in company." - Elthron

"It took me years to finally accept that this is who I am. I'm so much happier now that I have embraced who I really am. I love being a loner!" - MightyQuinn

"What is a pseudo loner and why would give loners a bad name? I think all loners are regarded as someone to avoid, people usually think that if someone is alone is because for some reason is not worth being with. And as it has been said, anti social is someone who damages others, so it's not the same as being a loner.  - Noether

"Yes, i have pretended to be more sociable but it has never been comfortable. " - LiB

"When around non-loners I become super polite and I try to converse and just be normal all the while I'm as anxious as I can be. Later on I review the interactions and scenarios in my mind and think of better things that I could have done or said. I'm a pretty silly guy like that."- Faaip De Oiad

"You need some kind of interaction from a young age, if only to realize you prefer the hermit style of being. I mean, how do you know if you're lactose intolerant if you don't visit the cheese counter at all?" - Hylton

"I chose to be alone, in a way. I've come to terms with life. Society wouldn't turn a blind eye just because of a bad thing happening to you, but only when they don't know. You're being misunderstood because you're not talking about it in a way that they would understand. If I told my then friends that I was severely been beaten at home and exorcised, they'd just call me a retard or something, but only because they wouldn't understand what I was going through. I don't blame them, and I don't blame myself. You shouldn't either, life is life. Some things just happen or just are. At the end of the day, no matter what road you take you'll always come out on top." - Firzen

"I always suppress my feelings, otherwise I wouldn't be a Loner. When alone, I'm myself. This behavior just makes me and if I were to change it, it would just be weird." - Skyrunner

"Number one thing for me would be that I can my own standards for happiness and am in complete control of achieving those. So I can be happy independent of anyone else. As a loner I don't go chasing after money, either, since there's no need to "keep up with the Jones'", so to speak. I'm happy with my work and hobbies and I'm not going hungry, so that's all I want or need out of life. I have a lot of time to read whatever I want, and I love reading. :)" - Prometheus

"Life is like a chain reaction . It has one purpose - to last much longer."- Lightbringer

"I wonder why you chose yourself to be a loner? I wonder what you used to be, what your life used to be like. Explain, explain :grin: Well, I am a loner by nature. I have no idea about this chosen loner." - Juliana

"Wolfs are highly social animals; if they are separated from the pack they grow sick and die; however, we see often in nature the concept of a lone world. sometimes a wolf just rejects the convention of the pack; these wolfs tend t be much more aggressive and stronger than any wolf in nature. Humans are naturally social creatures when isolated grow ill and depressed, but we see people who turn away from this convention too; They have done studies in the states that found human loners are typically smarter and more mature than anyone in their age group. if the above social convention does not apply to only one percent of the population; that is still a lot of people!!" - Grayshen

"Loners are not the same as Losers. " - Soliloquist

"People who are loners, but not by choice, are probably quite different to loners by birth/choice. Because they don't desire to be alone at all, but for one reason or another can't change their circumstances. They are loners by force. These two types of loners, I think, can be very different from one another.Myself, I am a loner by choice, and was probably born this way. I admit that sometimes, I struggle to understand and relate to forced loners." - Voxtrot

"I am not a loner by choice. I am not so much anti-social as I am anxiety ridden. I have always been this way, my whole life really." - Allyroo

"I am a loner due to the drug epidemic, can anyone else relate to this?" - 1josephjohn